Soil degradation in Europe has increasingly been recognised as a serious problem. Various studies commissioned by the European Commission have recently assessed the extent and degree of soil degradation across Europe. These have identified separate soil threats.

The recent report 'The implementation of the Soil Thematic Strategy and on-going activities'  stated that 20% of Europe's land surface is subject to erosion rates above 10 t/ha/yr, while soil sealing leads to the loss of more than 1000 km2 of productive land each year. Some researchers have noted that many soil degradation processes are accelerating in many parts of Europe. In addition there are a multitude of scientific publications that deal with individual soil threats highlighting concerns about soil degradation in Europe that need to be taken very seriously; with prevention, remediation and restoration measures urgently needed to avoid further loss of soil functions, and to restore these where they have already been affected. 

Soil-threats Soil erosion Desertification Salinization Compaction Soil sealing Soil contamination Loss of organic matter Floods and landslide Soil biodiversity