RECARE Final Policy Conference

The RECARE project began in 2014 and was funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme. The focus of RECARE was to investigate measures to prevent and remediate against soil degradation in Europe, and reached its grand conclusion on September 27th in Brussels with a final policy conference. With over 100 people in attendance the event brought together all of the 27 project partners and a wide range of stakeholders such as representatives from the European Commission, renowned soil scientists, NGOs and academics. A range of presentations, discussions and debates took place during the day, and this page presents the various outputs from the day. 

 The conference presented project findings on:

  • effective strategies for prevention and remediation of soil threats and their uptake among land managers

  • the impacts of European policies, and

  • options for future policy responses

and offered an opportunity to discuss how RECARE results can influence the design of future European policies on soil protection.

morning speakers 1 20181018 1031808640Josiane Masson from the DG Environment, introduces the day (photo: Erik van den Elsen)

Further pictures from the day are available HERE

table discussions 3 20181018 2035308128The attendees in discussion (photo: Erik van den Elsen)

  • A summary of the Policy Conference can be found HERE 
  • The official post-Policy Conference Press Release can be downloaded HERE


All presentation from the Policy Conference can be found in the following table

No. Authtor / PresenterPresentation titleSize 
1 Rudi Hessel (Wageningen Environmental Research) The RECARE project 2Mb
2 Felicitas Bachmann (University of Bern) RECARE Transdisciplinary approach 5Mb
3 Martin Thorsøe (Aarhus University) Subsoil compaction - a threat to soil ecosystem services 1Mb
4 Francesco Morari (University of Padova) A participatory approach to combat the decline of soil organic matter 1Mb
5 Jan Jacob Keizer (University of Aveiro) Mitigating soil erosion by water following wildfire 2Mb
6 Hedwig van Delden (RIKS) Upscaling of measures 3Mb
7 Luuk Fleskens (Wageningen University) Economics of soil threat remediation measures 1Mb
8 Benjamin Görlach (EcoLogic) Policy impact assessment - key findings 2Mb
9 Ana Frelih-Larsen (EcoLogic) Policy options 1Mb

 RECARE policy briefs are available below 

Soil threatDocument title and authors
Soil sealing

Soil sealing and land take

  • Sandra Naumann, Ana Frelih-Larsen, Gundula Prokopp
Soil compaction

Subsoil compaction - A threat to sustainable food production and soil ecosystem services

  • P. Schjønning, M. Lamandé, M.H Thorsøe, Ana Frelih-Larsen
Soil contamination

Remediating historical soil contamination

  • Ana Frelih-Larsen, S. Ittner, T. Marañón, N. Vrinceanu
Final project brochure
addressing all soil threats

Finding and sharing solutions to protect our soils (PT)

  • Eds: Jane Mills & Matt Reed