Project Reports

A full list of RECARE's project reports can be found in the table below


Work package  Report Title Dissemination level Date
  WP1 Project Management    

RECARE Website

Public 10 Oct 2015

Gender Equality Report: Reporting Period 1

Public 25 June 2015

Gender Equality Report: Reporting Period 2

Public 12 Dec 2016

Gender Equality Report: Reporting Period 3

Public 25 May 2018
  WP 2 Providing the base for RECARE regarding data collection and methods    

D2.1 Soil threat in Europe: Status, methods, drivers and effects on ecosystem services

 Public  15 Oct 2015
  WP 3 State of degradation and conservation in the RECARE Case Study sites     

D3.1 Case Study Descriptions

 Public  30 April 2015

D3.2 Report on the current state of degradation and conservation

 Public  19 Dec 2016
  WP 4 Stakeholder participation and valuation    

 D4.1 Stakeholder and Institutional Analysis

 Public  10 Nov 2014
 4  D4.2 Report about stakeholder valuation of ecosystem services  Public  18 July 2018
  WP 5 Selection of promising prevention, remediation and restoration measures    

D5.1 Inclusion of prevention, remediation and restoration measures in the WOCAT databases

 Public  26 May 2017

D5.2 Participatory decision-making on sustainable land management to combat soil threats in Europe

 Public 26 May 2017
  WP 6 Testing and demonstration of prevention, remediation and restoration measures    

D6.1 Harmonized Field Monitoring strategy for assessing the effectiveness of the selected, innovative soil prevention, remediation, and restoration measures.effectiveness of the selected, innovative soil prevention, remediation, and restoration measures.

 Public  12 May 2017
 6 D6.2 Assessment of the effectiveness of implemented measures
regarding combating soil degradation, and to restore soil functions and ecosystem services
   18 July 2018
6 D6.3 Report on Demonstration activities per Case Study site   18 July 2018
  WP 7 Costs, benefits and adoption of prevention, remediation and restoration measures    
7 D7.1 Impact Assessment on Ecosystem Services  Public 11 April 2018
 7 D7.2 Model assessments of the cost-effectiveness of
prevention/remediation/restoration measures for all Case Study areas
 Public  18 July 2018
  WP 8 Applicability and effects of measures at the European level    
 8  D8.1 The integrated PESERA, DESMICE, and METRONAMICA model  Public  18 July 2018
8  D8.2 Report on model validation  Public  Due 2018
8  D8.3 Report on inter-threat comparison  Public  Due 2018
8  D8.4 Report on barriers and opportunities of adoption at European scale  Public  Due 2018
  WP 9 Policy analysis and recommendations    

D9.1 Up-to-date review of EU policies and integrated impact assessment methodologyintegrated impact assessment methodology

 Public  22 Dec 2016
 9  D9.2 Report on the integrated impact assessment of national and EU policies  Public  Due 2018
9  D9.3 Final policy recommendations  Public  Due 2018

WP 10 Data use, management and hosting


D10.1 Web interface in the European Soil Data Centre for accessing project Data

 Public 12 May 2017

D10.2 Quality check of European datasets contributing to RECARE project

 Public  12 April 2018
   WP 11 Dissemination and communication    
11  11.1 RECARE Dissemination and Communication Hub which will host a suite of dissemination products  Public  Due Oct 2018
11  11.2 Dissemination and Communication strategy  Restricted  Feb 2014
11  11.3 Final conference to disseminate the project results to
a range of stakeholders
 Public  27 Sept 2018