Fact Sheets

Fact sheets produced from the RECARE project can be found below.  Please click on the links to download the pdfs.


Soil Threat Fact Sheets

FactsheetFront cover     FactSheet SalinizationFrontCover200x280   Compaction frontcover  
 Soil erosion by water (PT, DE)   Soil erosion by wind    Soil Salinization (EL)    Soil Compaction   
Front cover   FactSheet FrontCover   OMPeat FrontCover   OMMineralSoil Frontcover  
Soil Sealing    Floods and Landslides    OM decline in peat soils (SE, NL)   OM decline in mineral soils (ITNL)  
 Contamination frontcover   Factsheet Frontcover        
 Soil contamination (ES)   Desertification   Loss of Soil Biodiversity      


 Case Study Experiment Fact Sheets


Soil threat Fact sheet title Case study country
Soil erosion Effect of the Dyker on infiltration, soil erosion and waterlogging Switzerland
Soil erosion Post-fire mulching to reduce soil erosion (EN)  (PT1)  (PT2) Portugal
Soil erosion Effects of mountain terrace rehabilitation (EN)  (EL) Cyprus
Soil salinization Solutions for preventing soil salinization Crete
Soil erosion Use of straw mulch to prevent soil erosion in vineyards Spain
Soil erosion Use of chipped pruned branches to prevent soil erosion in apricot orchards Spain
Soil erosion Rock fragment cover to control soil losses in tillage rainfed Mediterranean crops Spain
Soil erosion

Use of land abandonment to prevent soil erosion in mountainous areas 

Soil erosion and desertification Reclaiming wind eroded and desertified land Iceland
Flooding and landslides Preventing floods & landslides through stream bank stability (EN) (NO) Norway
Flooding Preventing flooding through small retention ponds (EN) (NO) Norway
Flooding and soil erosion Effects of different crops on surface runoff (EN) (SK) Slovakia
Soil erosion Preventing gully erosion (EN) (SK) Slovakia
Soil erosion Understanding erosion processes & sediment transport (EN) (SK) Slovakia
Increasing or maintaining soil organic matter Undersowing of grass in maize (EN) (NL) The Netherlands
Increasing or maintaining soil organic matter Incorporation of local biomass (EN) (NL) The Netherlands
Soil contamination Phytoremediation of soil contamination by trace elements (EN) (ES) Spain
Soil contamination Modelling soil contamination remediation measures (EN) (ES) Spain
Soil contamination Use of amendements for heavy metal soil pollution (EN) (RO) Romania