Floods and Landslides experiments


1) Norway Case Study - Preventing floods and landslides

The researchers in Norway are testing flood retention and the impact of vegetation on river bank stability in the Morsa Catchment.  They are modelling the effect of different sized retention dams in forest areas (upstream agricultural fields) and the root strength of river bank vegetation.

Norway flooding
Preventing floods and landslides


For more information about this experiment, please contact Jannes StolteThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) Slovakia Case Study - Mitigating muddy floods and soil erosion

The researchers in Slovakia are conducting three eperiments 1) mitigating muddy floods from slopes used as agricultural fields; 2) mitigating gully erosion; 3) mitigating soil erosion by water.  The experiments will be:

1) testing of effect of rainfall intensity, soil moisture and vegetation cover on generation of overland flow and sediment transport;

2) measurements of gully erosion; and

3) measurements of sediment loads and bed sediments in a small water reservoir

muddyfloods gulleyerosion
                                                               Mitigating muddy floods and gully erosion

Preliminary results:

1. Generation of surface runoff                                            • targeted variables: surface runoff
and sediment transport
• hydrological model parameters              estimated from field measurement

     results 1            


 2. Changes in erosion gully  • targeted variables: changes in gully length and position
• considerable expansion and
changes in position of the erosion
gully over the period of 1843-
• deepening in the middle part and
rising in the lower part of the
erosion gully
     results 2    
 3. Changes in sediment loads

• two AUV monitorings in September

2015 and 2016
• results compared with 2012 geodetic
• targeted variables: changes in
sediment load
• on-going sedimentation processes
• retention volume decreased by more
than 11 000 m3 over the period 2012-

 results 3


 Scientific Articles

Michaela Danáčová, Radovan Nosko, Roman Výleta, Beata Randusová, Ján Szolgay (2015) Possibilities of estimating the gully erosion changes on the Myjava Basin Published in: ACTA HYDROLOGICA SLOVACA Ročník 16, Tematické číslo 1, 2015, 167 - 175

Korbeľová, Lenka, and Silvia Kohnová (2017) Methods for Improvement of the Ecosystem Services of Soil by Sustainable Land Management in the Myjava River Basin Published in: Slovak Journal of Civil Engineering 25, no. 1, 2017, 29-36  https://doi.org/10.1515/sjce-2017-0005

Čistý, M., Čelár, Ľ., Minarič, P. (2015) Conversion Between Soil Texture Classification Systems Using the Random Forest Algorithm, Air, Soil and Water Research. Published in: Air, Soil and Water Research. Volume 8, Pages 67-75, ISSN 1178-6221 http://www.la-press.com/conversion-between-soil-texture-classification-systems-using-the-rando-article-a5217

For more information about this experiment, please contact Ján Szolgay  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.